It's 1983 and i'm ten years old. My dad showed me his new Polaroid camera and how you could take a photo and instantly develop it.  I remember feeling excited to see the result of my snaps and little has changed. 

At school my best friend and now uber succesful photographer Darren Tieste (www.darrentieste.com) made me be his test subject for his early photography experiments. I gained some knowledge of being on the other side of the camera which helps me guide my often nervous subjects.

Fast forward 30 years ....I restored my passion for Photography as i was interested in band  videography.  Instead I started taking stills and was hooked from the outset.  A year later  I was shooting for PDK Events (www.pdkevents.com.au) in which i became their official Event Photographer.  Events covered were Cisco Live Melbourne, Splunk, Dell EMC, Toshiba, Symantec, Deloitte and more.

From there I gained more clients in the Corporate space and honed my skills as other opportunites came my way. I moved into Corporate Headshots, Website Content and Videography working for clients such as Ray White Corporate, LJH Hooker, Northern Beaches Christian School, Makii Design, Blackmores and many more. 

I've realised through my journey that my photography passion is for People.  Everyone has a story to tell and when you capture someones spirit on film it's amazing. Let me help you Capture Your Vibe!

My goal is to partner with clients to provide an ongoing relationship. I provide outstanding service and high quality content. Click Here to get in touch.