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When i was 10 my Dad showed me his new Polaroid camera and how you could take a photo and instantly develop it.  I remember feeling excited to see the result of my snaps and little has changed...

As someone who always follows their dreams, my careers have been many and varied. After a brief stint in the corporate world I retrained and worked in the fitness industry for about 10 years, At the same time I was busy being a professional musician playing gigs around Sydney, teaching many guitar students and also co-writing music for TV shows like Bondi Rescue, Sleek Geeks and more.  

Photography was something that came out of the blue as I was initially interested in making videos for bands and fellow musicians. However after taking some snaps on a holiday with my new DSLR camera I really got the bug and fell head over heels for photography. 

My two beautful girls came along around this time and they were great subjects for my early experiments with cameras and light.  After a few years trying all styles of photography I got a gig shooting a Corporate Event the same time Vivid was on. 

This launched my career and I became official photographer for PDK Events (   I got to travel around the country shooting events like Cisco Live , Splunk, Dell EMC, Toshiba, Symantec, Deloitte and more. I gained an understanding of what was really important to capture at these events and this was a great introduction into corporate photography. 

From there I gained more clients in the corporate space and honed my skills as other opportunites came my way. I moved into Corporate Headshots, Website Content and Videography working for clients such as Ray White Corporate, LJH Hooker, Northern Beaches Christian School, Harcourts Australia, Makii Design, Blackmores and many more. 

I've realised through my journey that I enjoy photographing people. Everyone has a story to tell and when you capture someones spirit in an image, it's amazing. 

Thank you for visiting my site and hope to see you soon at our shoot (or at one of my gigs around Sydney.) 


P.S I'm a mad Dog Dad of Duke (Boxer) and Cleopatra (Ridgeback)

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