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What should I wear to a Corporate Headshot session?

Updated: Apr 28, 2023

I'm often asked this question and rightly so. What is the best attire to complement your image?

These days almost anything goes and the days of old where people wore exactly the same suit are long gone. Steve Jobs hardly ever wore a suit. Google employees wear whatever they please 'Power casual' is the new hashtag on Instagram, another is 'business comfortable', especially after we all had to go back to the office post Covid. However some companies have a uniform, and most have a style guide or expectation of how employees present to clients and on their website. So be yourself but make sure you get the style on brand!

There are some things that you might not think of which will follow in this Blog post. Enjoy!

  • Wear contrasting tones. The camera really likes to see contrast which is caused by how other colours and tones compare to blacks. So if you are wearing a grey suit and a black shirt it's all going to look a bit mirky. White shirts with black or blue suits look good as they create contrast, especially if you want a black and white version of your headshot.

  • Keep it neutral. Bright bold colours can date a photo especially in a years time when that colour is no longer on trend. Although a splash of colour, especially brand colours can really pop and catch the eye. Think coloured ties or scarf, rosette or hankerchief. In this photo below the red tie really makes for a great statement.

  • Jewellery can really add your own personal stlye to a shoot. Are you a little more creative, or conservative? Choose carefully to align with your brand.

  • Tone of Voice. This refers to what are you trying to say in your profile shot. If you have a conservative audience then definitely go for a tie and a jacket for men, and a corporate skirt or pants for ladies with a jacket. Please note headshots often include full body, so keep that in mind.

  • Brand guidelines. This is a big one! Please make sure that any brand guidelines are communicated before a photoshoot. You won't be the first person to have their photos rejected by the marketing team if they don't follow the brand guidelines. For example photos for some real estate companies require outdoor shots with lots of room for branding and logos to be added afterwards.

  • Hair and Make up. This one is more for the ladies. Where possible I highly recommend you use a hair and make up artist to make you look and feel your best before a shoot. Many times people come to a shoot straight from their desk with no preparation and feel unprepared, and uptight. Not a great way to start a shoot. Pamper yourself and feel your best, it will really make a difference to the final result. Have a look at for an example of great make up!

  • Iron your clothes! Yes some creases can be fixed in photoshop however this normally attracts an extra fee as it is very time consuming.

  • Lay off the booze on the night before and get some sleep. You would be surprised how many people come to a shoot on a Friday having gone hard on the Thursday night drinks. Tired eyes, bags and dark circles aren't the most flattering look so make sure you look after yourself, and be at your best.

  • Be yourself. Being authentic to yourself is where the best photos happen. Even within the confines of a brand , you can still show the world who you are. It could be your vibrant smile or radiant eyes. What are your best features? Forget if you aren't in the best shape of your life. What are your positive attributes?!

Jordan Roach Photography July 2022

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